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Shetland Sheep on East Devon FarmPurebred Shetland Sheep are small and fine boned, belonging to the Northern short tailed group that has evolved in relative isolation in Shetland since the 8 th Century, following introduction by the Vikings. The high quality wool has for generations formed the basis of the world renowned Shetland wool industry. Whole colours are recognized, from black, through greys - to white, fawn and dark brown. Rams are usually horned and the ewes hornless. Lambing takes place during April and twins in 3 year old ewes are very common. The Southbrook Shetlands number upwards of 30 ewes and rams and are shown at Agricultural events throughout the south and west of England , usually starting with the Devon County Show in the third week of May.

Feeding the sheepShetlands have a natural break in their wool every year that allows them to be ‘rued' by hand instead of shearing. Their fleece is processed naturally in separate colours and then spun without bleaching or dyeing, thereby retaining the maximum soft ‘feel' to the wool, and the natural stretch and resilience is manifested in the tight ‘crimp' found in the best fleece. This luxurious wool forms the basis of our ‘ Sheeplines ' products and, because of the extremely high quality and limited manufacturing runs, we have unique niche market status, highly prized by our discerning customers. If you take care of our wool it will take care of you for many years. The patterns are chosen to give a timeless and fashionable look in a small range of natural ‘earth' colours.





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